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L in a Onesie by rainbowflyinglizard L in a Onesie :iconrainbowflyinglizard:rainbowflyinglizard 2 9
Mature content
Blood Ties- Chapter Four :iconrainbowflyinglizard:rainbowflyinglizard 1 12
Respect People. by rainbowflyinglizard Respect People. :iconrainbowflyinglizard:rainbowflyinglizard 9 15 Blue by rainbowflyinglizard Blue :iconrainbowflyinglizard:rainbowflyinglizard 3 18 Our Star by rainbowflyinglizard Our Star :iconrainbowflyinglizard:rainbowflyinglizard 3 6 Puppy Chaz by rainbowflyinglizard Puppy Chaz :iconrainbowflyinglizard:rainbowflyinglizard 4 47
Music has been my life from such a young age, and I could hardly imagine a life not being totally immersed in it. I can't stand silence, although I'm not much of a talker. I have to be listening to something. Myself singing, music on my Ipod, people talking. My favourite sound is the first few notes being played on a piano, usually slow and tentative, to see how she's feeling. It's beauty stretching its limbs and shaking itself to waking. The music is as fluid as water I begin to play. Before I realise it, the piece is over, and I'm turning to my Uncle Lance. I know it's obvious how desperate for approval I am, my eyes are as large as saucers. He gives it with a rare smile and a nod.
"Well done, Jak. You're improving by the day. Just remember to keep some control over your posture and you'll be fantastic." I smile back, sighing with relief. Grabbing my bag and making my thank-you's I make a quick getaway, hoping to leave before she turns up. No such luck.
"So I said to him, I sa
:iconrainbowflyinglizard:rainbowflyinglizard 2 27
Growing Older
I remember the day that the innocent times ended.
I pulled away from your lips for the first time, an uneasiness growing in my gut. What just happened? I could see your eyes shine but I felt the fear rise. I'd been here before, and the only way out was to break you, before I broke myself.
But I found I couldn't. This was new. I was out of control around you, but still so safe. I couldn't stay away. Nothing else felt right, even if you were out of my thoughts for a split second. I had to be near you, but I kept my heart locked away for as long as I could. Silly, stubborn girl. And then I fell. I fell against you and cried my heart out, and when I wasn't looking you must have picked it up and slipped it into your pocket. Because it became yours.
And now our future is rolling out before us with few certainties. We're getting older, wiser, we're getting scarred and knocked and we fight through the countless blocks put in our path. But we've been doing that all our lives. This time, we're i
:iconrainbowflyinglizard:rainbowflyinglizard 2 8
Amaze Me by rainbowflyinglizard Amaze Me :iconrainbowflyinglizard:rainbowflyinglizard 1 5 Have we met? by rainbowflyinglizard Have we met? :iconrainbowflyinglizard:rainbowflyinglizard 5 9
The monster is dead, and the villagers cheer. It's a story told a hundred times, and I have done this in a hundred different ways. This time, I emerge soaked in blood and swinging a scythe taller than me from the soft belly of an enormous worm. I fall from the flabby wound I have cut in a gush of gore and stomach juices. The roar of the crowd deafens me and pulls my mouth up into a grin. I push my short sandy hair back, slick with the mess of the beast, and raise my hands in the air. Adoration breaks over me in waves, tinged with relief and revulsion at the shit and blood running into the earth. I turn to the large, muscular man beside me, his blonde wavy hair catching the sunlight, bright as the blue in his eyes and the smile on his face. Sky winks, and the pride and love that radiates from him almost knocks me down. He's proud because he doesn't know me. The thought makes my face fall instantly and I look away.
I don't do this for the same reasons my beloved big brother does. He want
:iconrainbowflyinglizard:rainbowflyinglizard 0 8
Now in Ginger Flavour by rainbowflyinglizard Now in Ginger Flavour :iconrainbowflyinglizard:rainbowflyinglizard 2 15 2nd Gen-Jak Greene by rainbowflyinglizard 2nd Gen-Jak Greene :iconrainbowflyinglizard:rainbowflyinglizard 2 12 Magdoll- Got Your Mask by rainbowflyinglizard Magdoll- Got Your Mask :iconrainbowflyinglizard:rainbowflyinglizard 5 14 Toadlette- Prom Night by rainbowflyinglizard Toadlette- Prom Night :iconrainbowflyinglizard:rainbowflyinglizard 2 9 Party Girl by rainbowflyinglizard Party Girl :iconrainbowflyinglizard:rainbowflyinglizard 3 12
the kill by JakkyMurders FAVE ME NOW! L gif by CakeForPanda Let me hear your thoughts!

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StupidFox - 2 by SilentReaper StupidFox - 2 :iconsilentreaper:SilentReaper 60,205 7,626 Hellsing by 10wkerk Hellsing :icon10wkerk:10wkerk 1,063 69 Kitty by NamelessPhobia Kitty :iconnamelessphobia:NamelessPhobia 15 13 Make Some Smiles by LuvMangaFF7 Make Some Smiles :iconluvmangaff7:LuvMangaFF7 49 28
Oneshot: Bonefyre's Gifts
"Mama, I'm headin' off now.  Makin' me rounds."
"Of course, dear.  Be careful, and have fun!"
"Ach, what in th' name o' Duncan McCloud is goin' on?"
Bonefyre abruptly found the front door blocked by the taller, imposing figure of her big brother, who was glaring between her and their mother with a suspicious expression.  She clenched her jaw in irritation and tightened her grip on the sack of gifts flung over her shoulder, determined to bolt if Jesse was stupid enough to try and keep her there.
"Calm yourself, Jesse dear.  Catriona's just going out to deliver some Christmas gifts to her friends."
"What?  We've already seen e'eryone.  What be ye aboot, Cat?" he narrowed his eyes at her.  "And why th' hell are yeh wearin' that?"
Doubtless, he didn't approve of her Santa uniform.  Frankly, Bones felt he shouldn't be complaining.  It wasn't some stupid skanky Santa rockette suit.  What the f
:iconyoru-the-rogue:Yoru-the-Rogue 5 59
Its hard to be a yaoi lover by rage1986 Its hard to be a yaoi lover :iconrage1986:rage1986 592 122 Hellsing art meme by Lord-Evell Hellsing art meme :iconlord-evell:Lord-Evell 121 63 Vampire Knight Meme :foxy: by akaibelier Vampire Knight Meme :foxy: :iconakaibelier:akaibelier 1,462 687 Go Get a Roomie57 by batlesbo Go Get a Roomie57 :iconbatlesbo:batlesbo 181 72 Go Get a Roomie55 by batlesbo Go Get a Roomie55 :iconbatlesbo:batlesbo 207 101 Comic - New Year 2011 postcard by kawaiiochibichan Comic - New Year 2011 postcard :iconkawaiiochibichan:kawaiiochibichan 57 12 Why I Hate Snow by SinclairStrange Why I Hate Snow :iconsinclairstrange:SinclairStrange 86 59
DC: Freaky Family Ch.1
Chapter 1: Gerard's Discovery
The old mansion had a damp, empty feel to it, and the air was cold and stale in several places.  It had been abandoned quite some time before.  Abandoned, but not left to a state of disarray.  Lancelot Pendragon had abhorred everything about his father, and when the inheritance had passed over to him, he'd fired most of his father's staff, keeping only a select few whose job it had become to maintain and upkeep the Pendragon mansion just enough so it wouldn't fall into disrepair.
The servants had been told they had this job in the event Lancelot ever chose to return to the mansion.  Personally, they all thought such a thing would never happen; the young master was changed after he'd returned from that long vacation as a child to that bizarre boarding school, and more likely than not, he'd never come to his senses and open the Pendragon mansion again.  And two months ago, the young master had vanished into t
:iconyoru-the-rogue:Yoru-the-Rogue 19 75
You my love by Sleza-aka-Michiko You my love :iconsleza-aka-michiko:Sleza-aka-Michiko 225 0 Static by Miliucc Static :iconmiliucc:Miliucc 25 7 Request - Sonic n' Mickey Wii by ShadOBabe Request - Sonic n' Mickey Wii :iconshadobabe:ShadOBabe 324 177
I love every one of my favourites, obviously! All fine pieces by even finer artists :meow:


I adore this. The stance and expression of the model are uplifting and wistful, and good choice putting this in black and white, it sim...

Unfortunately, this isn't really my thing. The humanised wolf with the emo fringe has been done many, many times before, especially bei...





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Journal Entry: Thu Dec 1, 2011, 11:46 AM
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I am making a new account. There is too much embarrassing old stuff on here, plus I hate my username, plus blah blah blah. All my favourite original stuff will be deleted and resubmitted onto my new account. I will use this account for fanfic and stuff maybe, and I'll leave my batman fancharacter stuff up, but tbh I feel like making a new name for myself on this website as an artist.

Now, I know I sound really, really snotty and I'm sorry ;_; As much as I love reading them I've gone off writing fanfiction in a big way. It's a bit of a distraction so I'm putting it behind me rather than having it constantly on my to-do list. It kinda pains me when I write something I'm proud of but the only thing I own about the setting etc is one character.

Anyway, yes. I still love you all, I just won't really be involved in the fanfiction scene. YES you can still use my Batman OC's if you really want to.

However, I have decided not to divulge here the details of my new account. Thank you all for being understanding. Goodbye... forever.

- I'm only joking, here it is ;D :iconchazizard:


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If I had to explain, you wouldn't understand.

Current Residence: Silent Hill
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Favourite photographer: My Little Dead Dick
Favourite style of art: Manga all the way!!!!!!!
Operating System: errrmmmm... windows?
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Nano
Favourite cartoon character: Alucard of Hellsing
Personal Quote: What does THAT button do?




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